"Electrical Panel Inspection Training Video" course

hi ben i just have a qiuck question once we have completed the required courses and have our certificates does that mean we are certified or is there a little more to it

InterNACHI Certification requirements are listed at http://www.nachi.org/membership.htm#certification

Electrical inspector logo requirements are at http://www.nachi.org/logos.htm#electrical

Why is this necessary to perform test?

Hi, Roland. I don’t understand the question. Perform what test?

The video keeps crashing on me after about 3 seconds. Not sure if there is a problem with the link, or with my device. I am using a Blackberry Playbook with the latest Blackberry OS.



Maybe try a different browser.

Watch this short video on playing the videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hIDNmNRdMU

Thanks, looks like the video just didn’t like my blackberry.


Just finished the electrical inspection course, ready for the next step!


Thank you


watching now

The course test is flawed.

Ben has not responded to my email about the course.

Michael. Unusual. I’ll search for some old emails that you may have sent. Sorry if I didn’t respond in the way you wanted. I simply don’t recall. I’ll check though. Flawed in what way?

I sent it to you on 10/17

The test requires intimate knowledge of the specific video presentation instead of the requirements.

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Found it. October 17th email.

You said that you “failed the exam twice, then passed on the third time.”
Congrats, Michael. I knew you could do it.

You said, “In my opinion using specifics asking the detail of findings by Paul is too much detail to remember.”
Hm. Details are difficult to remember. I agree.

You said, “The videos were very good but the questions should reflect scenarios not necessarily tied to the specific detail within the videos.”
Again with the details.

You said, “The problem as I see it is that once you have watched the video you no longer have access to what the panel looked like.”
Yep. Watching a video of an electrical panel is not the same as actually having the panel in your hand. I agree. You can hit the “replay” button.

You said, “This could be remedied by providing hi res photos to examine like other courses contain.”
Good idea.

You said, “If you want to discuss, please contact me.”
I surely will.

Well, Michael. Thanks for the email. I really appreciate it.

It was meant to help others.

It’s more important to understand the concepts than it is to remember what you watched someone else find.

The test was poorly constructed in my opinion.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m still searching for your email about the exam. And its flaws.
When did you send it?

here we go

i am unnable to download the electrical checklist