"Electrical Panel Inspection Training Video" course

about to start this course

Good afternoon - beginning course

I am ready to take the electrical course to advance my CE credits for my license renewal

Hello I’m Jason. I have an electrical background and I look forward to taking the course,

I can’t wait to start

Just took the course as a refresher and was not disappointed

William LaGue starting the advanced electrical training course.

Tim Howell, starting the course 1/12/2021.

this should be a good learning tool

Hi from Bradenton, another enhanced course to learn and complete

Welcome back to the forum Tanner!

Welcome to the forum Tim!

Welcome to the forum Douglas!

Welcome all, Enjoy!! :laughing:

Welcome to the forum Frederic!

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Hi everyone. My name is Caleb and I live in Ohio. Currently pursuing my Home Inspector License and Certification. Hungry for knowledge because like we all know, knowledge is power. I went through AHIT initially and I remember my instructor telling us to attack your weak points. So here I am. Excited to work my way through this Advanced Electrical Inspection Course!

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After taking the general electrical course, I determined that the advanced course would increase my overall understanding of the systems and potential issues.

Kurt Dawson here, former residential contractor. Been out of construction for about 10 years and decided to come back as an inspector. Got my HI license during the lockdown. New to the industry, enjoying the classes.

I’m taking the Advanced electrical video course.

I can always use some extra training. In this case I’d like to electrical panels better.