"Electrical Panel Inspection Training Video" course

Hi, Michael.
Visit our partner InspectorOutlet at http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/free-electrical-inspection-checklist.aspx Put the checklist into your cart. It’s free. No charge. And check out. You’ll be provided with a link to download the checklist onto your computer. It might show up in a new window or a new tab in your browser. Also, check your email that you registered with InspectorOutlet. It will also show up there.

Looking forward to this class!

I think this was a very informative course

I received the following email from a student that I’d like to share and ask for your comments:"Reviewing the video. I noticed the instructor stating the right way to remove a panel. He then removed a wood screw, which I will never do again. The screw can liven the box and arc upon removal, I know personally. No conduction detected prior to removing and bam, a circuit is knocked out. On a 4 point, homeowners are generally living in the home, they can have larger issues after an inspection then they did prior. I will only notify them to have the electrician review and remediate further and site them for it to the insurance company. I have been performing inspections well before the state required and Consulted to companies prior to joining NACHI. At times, I see errors on videos etc, but not life threatening per say, but I would have to disagree with him eluding to it being ok to do this. Case and point, an arc occurs, no fire but knocks out the kitchen circuit to the fridge, knocks out the HVAC system etc. How can we justify that negligence from us. Granted, we did not install the screw, but without a minimum licensing to repair, we just put this homeowner and there homes systems in further jeopardy. Just wanted to relay my analysis to the perceived methods the gentlemen eluded to.

“Additionally, I would not remove the box this way, if all screws are accounted for at the base and top, I would leave the top left and bottom right, or vise verse, to allow the box to remain secure until the last 2 screws, lessening greatly the plausibility of the panel shifting in any degree, flipping breakers etc.”
Any comments?

If you really know what you are doing taking that screw out is no problem,.
Throw the main first and no harm will be done.

Starting advanced course now.
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I can’t get the Free Electrical Inspection Checklist to down load. I think the link is broke? nothing happens when I click download.

You have to download the checklist from our partner InspectorOutlet. It’s free. Visit http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/free-electrical-inspection-checklist.aspx

Getting started on the Online Electrical Panel Inspection course.

Advanced Electric here we go!

Thanks for another great educational opportunity. While the material in this course was not new to me specifically, its always nice to review of have a refresher. Thanks again


2/3 of the way through.

Fun and Informative. Great presentation by Paul A. and Ben!!!

Taking the course now…

Doing it.

I learned a lot about electricity working on elevators in NYC with my brother but I am not an electrician nor can I spell electrician. But I am working on it.

Well if I was the person doing the instruction you will have to show me where I said anything was ok. Throwing stones without specifics is just that throwing stones…now show where I said it was ok to use a wood screw or so on…bet you cant find it…why…because I would never say that…GEESSSHH…lol

Note: However I have said other things in my life I would take back…call a do over and say it another way but alas when I do that usually someone has already GIGGED me for it…

going forward with the advanced electrical in spection course:cool:

starting the video version