Electrical panel question

Main 200amp panel question

  1. Murphy O’Conors in Boulder. Ahhhh.

  2. Main panel picture

  3. Lower section of panel

  4. Upper section of panel

  5. Surge protector (?)


Panel provides for neutral but no ‘traditional’ grounding bar. The neutrals didn’t appear to be bonded to the panel. Also, there seems to be a surge protector attached to the panel.

Any input on the aabovetwo questions?

Assuming that this is a service then the neutrals and EGC’s can be landed on the same bus. The main bonding jumper is the greenish screw in the upper left of the neutral bar. Why is the surge protector a problem?

I’m looking for feedback as to the below concerns:

First of all is that actually a surge protector hence the (?)
There is no green screw. Where do you see that?
There is no grounding bar bonded to the panel and neutral bars (that I observed).
I don’t see a ground to rod.

Looks like a surge protector but can’t tell from the photo.
Upper left slotted screw in the neutral bus.
No ground bar needed since this is a service,
The GEC could land in the meter enclosure. Did you find any electrodes (metallic water pipe, CEE, Ground rods) with a GEC attached?

Thank you for the response.

No ground rods near the meter or anywhere adjacent to the service panel on the outside. I’m used to seeing ground wires without insulation ie 14 2/3. It appeared that the neutral bus bars were floating but I may be mistaken.

The bond screw is shown in picture 4 on the left bus bar. It is the large slotted screw just above the black ellipse. This panel pre-dates the green bond screws.

Thank you all

As Jim stated the requirement for the screw to be green first appeared in the 1990 NEC so either it wasn’t required to be green or the color faded from being so old.