Electrical Panel

Anyone know how many amps the total breaker amps can exceed the main breaker amperage ?

One has nothing to do with the other.

I agree with Mr.Pope…None of the breakers within the panel should exceed the main breaker amps…you would be hard pressed to FIND a breaker in a standard panel that would do that anyway…but again one really has nothing to do with the other…

Are you refering to adding up the total face ratings of the breakers in a panel can exceed the main breaker…again not how it is done which is why a formula is used to determine the rating and capacity of a panel.

Hope that explains it…if not we can certainly try again…:slight_smile:

Also you may get more responses to electrical panel questions in the electrical forum area…Just a suggestion…:slight_smile:

It is possible to have 100 amp service and a combination panel that is rated for 125 amps. Maybe that is what you are asking?

How about a another question on bonding? Got a main panel in one corner of bsmt. Across on other side of the bsmt is a sub panel for a 220 volt electric dryer. The white neutral wire in this panel is bonded to a ground to a water pipe and the frame of the washing machine. Is this kosher?


The neutral and the ground should only be bonded in the main panel not in the sub-panel.

Sub panels (LSE) should have grounds bonded to the panel and neutrals floating (separated).