Electrical panel ?

Other than the double taping, mismatched breaker

the additional power coming in from a separate mast shouldn’t it be in a sub-panel?

no extra space in this panel.

Do you see any thing else out of the norm?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

63 Kasper 311.JPG

63 Kasper 316.JPG

63 Kasper 053.JPG

63 Kasper 315.JPG

63 Kasper 052.JPG

I am not sure but that mast-like conduit under the soffit looks like it may just be for phone and or cable. It might also be an overhead feed to an outbuilding. It does not look large enough to be part of the electrical service.

no, it leads from the power pole to the mast like conduit under the soffit.
Not to an outbuilding, but thanks for your comment

I would say the drip loop is not idea.

Picture number one has multiple grounds under one screw.

My understanding is you can have multiple grounds under one screw - if they are the same size - it is multiple nuetrals that can’t be under one screw unless the manufacturerer allows it - but I also can’t see the grounds in picture one

Not to mention the white wires connected to the breakers…


Re-identifying a white conductor is only required at the termination. It may be possible that they are marked. Since the panel appears to be sideways and has the divider I believe this panel is in Canada. I do not know if the CEC has the same rule as the NEC or when that requirement was added.

Mr. Northe, could you fill in your location profile?

Jim, it looks like the picture was not rotated but I agree the under the soffit weatherhead looks like its for cable or phone.


Everyone missed the big one…no coverplate on the GFI receptacle ;-).