Electrical problems

I thought in all states where your service cable comes in from above had to have a weather mast and weather head

A simple gooseneck is also an acceptable installation


On a 2 story where you don’t need a mast to maintain clearance I see a lot of SE cables simply terminated at the service point with a drip loop. Just be sure the end of the cable points down.

I never saw this done until the first time I went down to the South Jersey shore.
Yup, it’s legal.

I saw it all the time in Md. Here in Florida they usually have single story slab on grade houses with a mast to get the drop up over the yard.

**(B) Service Cable Equipped with Raintight Service
**Head or Gooseneck. **

Service cables shall be equipped with
a raintight service head.

*Exception: Type SE cable shall be permitted to be formed
in a gooseneck and taped with a self-sealing weatherresistant

Lets make sure we seal those puppies…:wink: