electrical question

Electrical panel ,are the two different breakers in this picture, correct?

216 gravelbourg 114.JPG

Most likely no. If there is a legend on the panel it will tell you that it received its “UL” rating using ONLY authorized parts. Mix matching the breakers is not acceptable and many times it will tell you that right on the data legend on the panel box. Was there a directive legend on the panel box anywhere?

Nope, what you see is what I got.
thanks, i thought it looked odd, best to ask though
everything else in this house was incorrectly orcastrated

Took this from my home panel just to show you what I mean. Hope it helps, if not now then in the future.

Cool, Thanks!

This is a Federal Pacific Electric, Stab-lok Load-Center. Being that you’re in Canada, there’s not much to say about the brand, but the breakers all appear to be proper types.

Stab-lok Load Centers have a unique bus-bar design that will not accept any other type of breaker.

Thanks for the info guys!