Electrical seminar at Denver InterNACHI Chapter on Feb 8, 2011.

Anything simular for South East Florida?

Michael - this is not done by Nick. This is set up by the president (or education director) of the Denver chapter. We have a class from a subject matter expert at almost every meeting. The education is great.
If anyone wants to see how a great chapter works they need to come to one of our meetings.

Thanks Greg

I agree with Greg. The Denver Chapter provides free education at every monthly meeting. I try to get to every meeting possible. This is a very good couple of hours out of each month.
The Colorado Springs monthly meeting is also good and getting better. It was formed last year and has some very good education as well.

If there is a Chapter near you you should try to attend. All of the inspectors seem to want to help each other and share experiences.

See you tonight Greg!

And if you don’t have a chapter near you… form one: www.nachi.org/form.htm It is totally free Mr. President.