Electrical Seminar- GTA Chapter

Can’t see it. This would effectively put every hardware store from the Ma and Pa to the big boxes out of the retail electrical parts business. Ain’t gonna happen. ( of course this is Canada:shock: )
Sign me up Gerry

We have been wared for two years the law was comming . They said two years ago Home Inspectors are not too open Panels .
I agree I too expect it will be ignored .
This is our chance to ask the Hydro Inspector how are they going to inforce the rules .
Roy Cooke

The issue can fall under the “Occupational Health & Safety Act”. Than again opening an electrical panel is not illegal, it’s the training, experience and safety down to PPE (personal protective equipment) used to perform the task. Adding or performing work or alterations also falls under the construction safety of the OH&S Act. The bigger isue becomes one of what if someone is injured or killed.

What is going on with GTA chapter? Do we still have this seminar? I sent email to G.Pallotta and did not get any answer. I also could not find his name among NACHI featured inspectors.

My apologies Yuri
I have been out of town and just got back in a couple of days ago and I have not received your emails.
Unfortunately I have had to postpone the training to a later date since only a few have responded and some of them had to cancel due to other engagements.
As for not being featured I have no idea unless it has something to do with me not activating my inspectorseek yet.
This is my fault and I will correct this in the future.
We will be combining this training with other training to make it a full day and then have a dinner dance afterwards and make this our inaugural debut.
This will happen in March so as to give us a chance to gear up for this properly and to ensure its success.