Electrical Seminar Materials for NACHI Instructors

Russ Myers, Chairman:

I attended the OHIO Chapter last Saturday and the Electrical seminar presented by Paul Abernathy went very well, and I enjoyed his presentation very much.

Please send me a copy of the CD. I noticed that the new electrical course presented in Ohio used the same material and with over a dozen of my pictures, some that were already printed in my articles, I see no credit given to Joe Tedesco!

I think that Gerry Beaumont and the others did a great job.



I’ll look into this matter.

Thank you!


I will be going back through the course and removing any and all images that you have posted on this message board and any other references to you.

I would appreciate it if would advice me of any in the online training course that you feel are your copyright so I am do the same there.




Save yourself the extra work, just give me credit where it is due. I am sure that you too are a busy person, and we should work together and not against each other.

Bury the hatchet Mate!

I am listed as a NACHI Trainer and will be attending NACHI Chapters who ask for me to present the seminar.

I have some suggestions concerning the course and hope you will allow me to help.

I am just not too clear on how you as a Member of the Education committee can do what you do without their blessings?

PS: Please give Credit to EC&M Magazine and Joe Tedesco www.joetedesco.org on the opening pages


The course as presented in Ohio is not a NACHI product, it is my material which I rebranded as a personal favor to Paul Abernathy and the guys in Ohio as you no doubt saw the copyrights are mine. For that reason I will do as I have promised.




Have it your way, just be aware that I gave both Paul and Will a few megabytes of information while in OHIO to be used as needed.

Paul’s material was the same as the electrical online material. I believe that the Chicago material and this material should be put together to be one product for the NACHI chapter’s use.