Electrical service conductors

These conductors are within a few inches of the dish. I think I should recommend moving the dish, or is it good as is.

I like to see 12" or more from communication wires/components to power wires for enhanced safety but it will probably never be changed.

On a windy day they may be watching something not wanted. :smile:


I know, the setup just doesn’t look right

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What do you think about the screw in the main breaker

It is probably a back fed breaker and hence would be required to be secured.


That is how that Cutler hammer panel was manufactured. 100% ok


Thank you. I looked closer at the body of said screw and no threads existed. My guess is that’s how it was manufactured.

One more question please,
Why are there 2 service meters ??

I really could not say why, but I did an inspection where a lady ran a hair salon out of here basement and had 2 meters on the side of her house, one was for residential and the other for her business, but that was just the case in my situation


Thanks, I will remember that. You know, this job requires you to think. After being on the assembly line for 32 years, I finally found something that stimulates my thinking. I am so happy to be part of this great industry. And thanks to everyone for offering knowledge.

Was the hot water tank electric? Did it have a timer on it?

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No sir, natural gas

Just a guess but My Ex-mother in-law opted into one of those “peak demand” energy-saving deals in her electric co-op and it had a second-meter setup to throttle down the AC during high demand times.

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The SEC is interfering with the dish reception :grinning:

Sometimes there is a second meter for a well, or duplex (Not likely from the picture, but just fyi), and as stated lower off peak rates.

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Good info. Thank you

Where does the wire go that is coming out of the bottom of the very left cabinet?

I would guess that is the AC condenser unit power. Just a guess though from my desk.

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They probably get a discounted electric rate when they have to cut the AC off…just a guess from my desk, too, David. :smile:

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Thanks guys. The image was from mock inspection # 3. I did not follow that wire. I will next time.

That is not a good place for the dish. How high does the electrical mast extend beyond the roofline? If I had put that there, I’d have put a guy wire.

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