Electrical Service from Hell

The Electrical Service from Hell is an online pictorial-tutorial built by InterNACHI® Founder Nick Gromicko and his staff. Can you identify all the problems in the photos?

Be sure to also check out InterNACHI’s House of Horrors® for live training on defective electrical systems, and all the other systems and components found in the average home.

A very good learning tool.


“Both forms of grounding are undersized. They should be #4 instead of #6.” If one is to the ground rod #6 is all that is required.

Great set of images! It blows me away over my two years inspecting how many of the items in these pictures are observed with regularity: Oversized breaker on 14 gauge wire, double tap on breakers not designed for double tap, multiple ground/common in single neutral bus hole, missing safety clip… I bet I have close to 20% of my panel inspections with the recommendation: “recommend licensed electrician make corrections”. Maybe it’s because of the rural area, maybe the area electrical inspectors.