Electrical Service

I see overhead and underground every day but this was first.

I know that would not fly in New York

Oh yes, that’s a ILMS feed alternative system. Used all the time here in Kentucky especially in the mountains an hills of coal country.
The ILMS system was originally constructed by an North Carolina moon shine still operator and when the local still was busted the inspectors saw it and realized it was the solution for many areas who had hard pan and rocky soils with heavy woods that made the typical UG or OH installations expensive and almost impossible.
By the way, the ILMS system was tagged such when Earl, the moonshine operator was busted. When asked by reporters about his still operation, one reporter said, “Earl, why do you have the 500 feet electrical line inside conduit and connected correctly but not buried, cause you know that’s how they found your still.”… Earl laughed and said…“we’ll MR Reporter…I Lost My Shovel” …:slight_smile: ILMS…the end… Yes, way to much coffee this morning!


A good one to enter in next months .

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I’m curious how sod you write this one up and what the realtor said about showing a house with this?

I reported that the electrical service needs to be installed a minimum of of 18" deep when routed across a homes property.
Call a licensed and insured contractor for further evaluation and repair or replace as warranted.

The client was wondering if she should just pay to have it done. I informed her to call the electrical inspector and see if a permit was issued for this, and that the home owner should be the person to repair this mess.

is it temporary because of the frozen ground?

There’s a lot of areas that don’t have zoning ordinances so you can basically get away with anything as far as building practices, but it doesn’t always make it a safe practice for your client. Make sure u know what is allowed in the area and inform ur client accordingly about the safety issues.

Im just getting into this field… and after seeing this I know this is not legal wow…

I wondered the same thing, because the conduit is on top of the snow. Maybe a temporary fix until spring, when it can be buried ??

I did get a response and the service line is temp. The service I was told just quit working one day a couple weeks ago, so they ran this. Funny though the buyer thought it was suppose to be there, and when she contacted the seller we found out what happened.

But the seller thought the buyer should take care of it after closing. My suggestion was to have the the seller fix it since around here to run under ground is quite expensive.