Electrical systems in Mexico/ Central America

Anyone have any experience with residential electrical systems in Mexico or other parts of Central America? Same voltage as US? Same equipment manufacturers? Any national electrical code? -Kent


Yes, and most of the material is the same but some of it is not so good, been there many times and the Codes?

Well … National Electrical Code® (NFPA 70), 1996 Spanish Edition

I have a tough enough time with the one written in English, Joe. Is it pretty similar to our NEC? I mean if I’m inspecting homes in Central America does the training I’ve had for inspecting electrical systems in the US apply?

It is the 1996 and 1999 NEC translated, but some of the style is different.

If you can read and speak their language you would understand.

I remember saying “hot legs” at a seminar I presented there and you should have seen the dirty looks, and then I mentioned “wirenuts” and they said they were scarce there and that the labor was shortened when they were used.

Pictures, I have many pictures from there and they are some of my best for sure.

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I remember a trip to Cozumel Mexico for a diving trip. A heavy rain storm flooded the main road (no Sewer system) . Looking a the light poles I saw exposed (unsheathed)electrical wiring rising up the side of the pole…hmmm
Is it safe to walk in the street? Who knows…:eek:

It wasn’t a grounding conductor?

Considering all the factors in that trip many years ago… My guess is no.

How can I put this without sounding like a bad elitist tourist??..hmmm

Ok here goes…
The quality of life was very very poor in some areas… Many people lived in huts with thatched roofs , dirt floors . Electrical installs …shall we say are not based on safety but on power “needs”…

Safety and life was not important…in many areas.:frowning:
I will stop there…:eek:

I’m hoping to not get calls for those inspections. I’ll bet Cozumel looks considerably different now. There’s a lot of money going into that area.

Cozumel is an American island. I see more Mexicans at the local Wal-Mart than I saw in Cozumel. The power system there is not really that ugly, compared to what you see if you go 40km southwest. Suffice it to say there is no electrical inspection or standard. If the light comes on, it is OK.
I was hoping to get you guys some good pictures in Nogales or Juarez but nothing really stuck out at me in the short time I was there. (no worse that I can find at a beach bar here)
My wife hates me working on vacation so I didn’t really go exploring.

Here’s a picture from Tujuynja


You will find more here: :shock:


Ieeee Car Ram BA!!! (sp?) :shock:

Here are some pics I got in Cancun.

cancun elect 4.JPG

cancun electric.JPG

cancun electric (1).JPG

cancun electric (2).JPG

Hey Ben that looks like what I saw in Cozumel!! :smiley:
Just a boat ride across the channel…
Thanks for the memories…:wink: