Electrical Timeline

Im working on a power point presentation and wonder if anyone has a timeline of Electrical Service and Methods over the years.

Like…Kite and a key haha. Knob and Tube, Solid Aluminum wiring, Grounding, GFCI, AFCI, years of when installation first began and year of new requirements.

Glass Screw in Fuses, Stablock breakers…that sorta thing.

I will use this and other research to put together the power point presentation.

Jokesters please save it for the Misc forum thanks…

I will be glad to share once complete in a few months.

Thanks for the help

That attached link will give you a start…

First “Public” electric was early 1880’s
Knob and Tube started in 1880’s till roughly 1940’s (depending where lived the country you were)

I researched this years ago because the first home I bought was built in 1869, my 2nd home was 1890, and now I live in a place built in 1853

Good luck!

Thanks Dan, and to those of you that have sent direct email to me. Greatly appreciated.

Someone had a great link for that on the forum once about 2-3 years ago if anyone remembers it.

Here are a few that I found. I think I have more, and I’ll post them if I can find them LOL. I’d like to see the ppt when it’s finished. Good luck - :slight_smile: