Electrical upgrade

Just wanted to share this with everyone.
Open for intelligent comments.:wink:

It looks like they used the old cans as junction boxes.

Is the new service wired properly? It is hard to tell from here…:slight_smile:

I’d call it unorthodox and recommend a sparky.

As is often the case, there is a “story”.
The homeowner started an electrical upgrade and didn’t pull any permits. The city caught him and supposedly, an electrician came in and finished the upgrade.
The home had 20 or so G.F.I. receptacles in all the rooms, but, everything showed being grounded and there were ground wires present at the original wiring in the original panels.

We are waiting to hear back from the city regarding the permitting issues.

There are some obvious violations visible even in these photo’s. I can only imagine how many one would find if they were actually there in front of this mess.

What is that mess. Looks like a nest of angry yellow bees. My question would be where do you start???

I stood in front of this mess for about ten minutes…hypnotized! When I showed my client, he also went into some sort of trance!

The entire home is an example of not planning your work. Every system had been “upgraded” and all of it was wrong.
Here is a little a/c work.
And, as the Realtor said, “A roof leak…where?”