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How To Size A Service Panel- Video
Hello Guys,

Many of you know I have been working on some video’s for a DVD project I am working on. I wanted to run some samples by you all and get your feelings and take on it. Now remember critics are good but be constructive as if the intent is to simply BASH them…I can only say…LETS see what YOU can do.

Ok…with that said…here is a link to TWO example video’s. They are designed to be BRIEF and to the point in less than 5 minutes.

If this type of stuff is helpful…please let me know so i can expand it into other areas for your enjoyment. Again we have (2) samples of the exact same thing.


Great Video- Keep Up The Good Work! Videos are great for newbies- Visual is terrific!
The Electrical & Home Inspection Authority Online - ](“http://www.theelectricalguru.com/video.html”)

Who would have ever believed that technology, videos, and even the internet would have existed. 20 years ago we would never have believed this!

Are some of the pictures from Carsoney Dulap’s copyrighted materials? You may want to check that, otherwise the concept is nice and with some work you may be able to get your points across.

I found it difficult to understand some of the issues, slow down and show one item at a time instead of trying to cram all into the short time available.

By the way, I wear an earring, anything wrong with that?


Purchased the " The Illustrated Home " and in it says clearly that I am able to use these photos. Says in the copyright notice that these images may not be reproduced by ANYONE other than the purchaser without the publishers permission.

I paid…GOOOOOOOOD money when I purchased the set…my attoney would be able to handle it…it says it again on the CD…I feel safe…plus they get PUBLICITY…would gladly use anyones if they want publicity…:slight_smile:

lol…I used to wear an earing…nope…I dont mind…lol…why do you ask?

Thanks Sparks…the speed is a factor…see I have to get it done in under 5 minutes for these online presentations…but I am trying to optimize the time frame…I had an additional 40 seconds I could use…thanks so much.

The good thing about the copyright is…if anyone ELSE uses my content…they will have to answer to Me and Carson Dunlop…tehhehe…priceless.

However…I will say this…I wish they had MORE modern images…some are a bit dated…sad to say.

Thanks for your very prompt reply. I understand now.

Have you used any other training materials, such as those available in the on-line store here from the Inspection Depot?

I saw something somewhere about the slides they use, and they cover electrical stuff too. In color I believe as well.

Also, are the home inspectors in your organization going to be adding code references to their reports, seems like this is taking place in some areas around the country.

I could not find anything here though about this subject, so if that is not happening, just ignore my comments.

What does the 310.15 rule identify, and will your material cover the most recent methods?

I have been involved in older buildings, and wondered if they have to be made to comply with the new rules.

I like the idea, but what can one do when the old equipment, such as a fuse box is available, and the new ALFI units, how can that be done.

I use GFI receptacles everywhere, I replaced all of my plugs in my basement and kitchen with them, makes me feel better, is that a good idea?

The earring question was only because of the comments made about the tacky ads in the tuber video or was it in the other one, I get confused too easy since I am old.

Oh and the comments about old people on the screen will that remain?

I don’t want to be reminded about my age whenever I see that.



This video is really basic, it is for home inspectors to learn from and refresh their memory on some things that may have forgotten, These guys have an awesome task…spend 4 hours or more in a house and look at everything from roofs to crawlspaces…so keeping the electrical training BRIEF and to the point does them a GREAT service…not because they dont get it…BUT because they dont need to get BOGGED down with additional information that will lend to confussion.

Let me see…if I can answer your questions…hmmmm

On the Inspector Depot thing…I dont have rights to those images as much as I would like to…not willing to PAY for them…most of the stuff I do is free anyway so…I did pay for the one from carson dunlop however…yep still got my receipt also…knew someone would possibly ask…lol…just not YOU my friend.

Ah…I mainly do NEC Update classes and Grounding and Bonding classes and use Mike Holts material exclusivly…he is INCREDIBLE so I use only his stuff for the electrical trianing I do for electricians…as for home inspectors well…I just started into this making video’s thing…many of the future ones will be video’s of me…kinda like This Old House so to speak…because well…I am FAT but I am PRETTY…hmmm…can you be both…SURE YOU CAN…:slight_smile:

the 310.15(B)(6) identifies the sizing allowance for service enterance conductors…where as lets say to a remote distribution panel you would need to use 310.16 to size those conductors. The 310.15(B)(6) is the table for the wire sizing for a normal service…

now…you say MOST recent methods…I dont believe they have changed any in this regard…in fact I won a very good debate with Mike over the issue of 310.15(B)(6) about a month ago…very generous man mr. holt is…I kinda inspire to be like him…but anyway I digress…I was correct and he acknowledged it…like I said…an amazing man Mr. Holt Is…hope to meet him someday other than in e-mails and phone calls to his office.

ok…as for old fuse boxes…the same principles still apply here…ahhh…the fuse size…is the OCPD, the panel rating may or maynot come into play since chances are it may not be there or readable so you have to take what factors are available. Now…in regards to the NEW AFCI thing that will come out…well that should not effect the service rating…BUT I will be doing some videos on those topics…man I am having alot of fun with this…as long as I dont get BEAT up too bad over it…after all…Im not perfect…:slight_smile:

I will be doing one on the GFCI thing…upgraded circuits with GFCI and so on…in due time…but see thats what I wanted…someone like you asking about that…most excellent Mr. Sparks…

Ah…the old thing…sorry…heck I could not see it either…and was tired of being PC about it…fact is…Im FAT, I am getting OLDER myself…and hell…I dont worry about that too much…but if YourTube gets their act straight I wont need to have that…yeah…my wife is 18 years older than me…she hates the old thing also…its all good.

P.S. Mr.Sparks…GET OVER the OLD THING…it happens to us all…I am more than happy to be called OLD by my 8 year old son, his friends, half of the population who thing over 35 is old…and well…Get over this Poliltically Correct CRAP !!

I told her…Baby I got it made…when you are 65 I get your Social Security Check and your paycheck…LOVIN IT…her response was…well…The COUCH !

Nice work Paul.

Keep it up Nice Job!

Updated Guys…Cleaner text and some better images…and hopefully took into account all comments…I dont focus as much on the meter can…to be honest with you…I would prefer to CHUCK that one anyway…

Hope you all enjoy…Joe T…Thank You !..



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