Electrical volt detected in Pool

Hi, Does anyone know who to contact to help fix a problem with our pool. Our pool is 10 years old and we recently put in a new liner, Added stone coping and converted it from a chlorine pool to a salt water pool. Since the salt system was added we have detected a slight stinging to any cut on the body. We have had 4 electricians and the local power company come out and everyone can detect approx a 1 volt electrical current in the pool. No one has been able to tell us what is causing the problem so we don’t know who to contact to get it fixed. Has anyone heard of this and have suggestions for getting it fixed.

I think it qould be a good idea to obtain their findings in writing since your post does not use the proper terminology.

Electrical current is measured and stated typically in amps or milliamps not volts.
Voltage measurements should state which two locations were used for the two meter probes.

Ask the electrician how he inspected and checked the bonding also.
Also, last I remember, salt water will make a bodily cut/abrasion sting anyway right?

sounds like a improper/faulty equipment bonding - possibly stray current from perimeter electrical supply??