Electrical wiring defect

I’d appreciate comments on how to respond to something I found over a 200 AMP during an inspection TD. This is a new one for me.



Electrical defect of the year award!

Much unapproved wiring . Have it repaired immediately by a qualified electrician .

I see your name on it did you wire it:p

Kevin, why did you right your name on the female cord set?

Improper wiring: Male and female plugs used as disconnects in branch feeder wiring.

Was this in an attic? above the panel in garage?

Numerous improper modifications have been made to the branch wiring. Recommend evaluation and repair by a licensed electrical contractor.

It was above the main panel located in the basement. The house is about 100 years old. The 200 AMP panel was installed about 20 years ago with (3) 60 amp breakers dedicates to an electric boiler ALONG WITH the rest of the house. There were also 5 double tapped circuits.

I saw that too and laughed but this is no joke on this one! I have never done anything like this and caution others all the time always always get a Certified Electrician or Licensed Electrical Contractor.

The even drilled through the casing of the Electrical Panel instead of using a proper knock out and clamp.

What would that little copper tube like thingy entering the panel be?

Sure don’t look like a wire.

Just curious.

Make shift conduit. LOL

#4 bare GEC.

I thought those were stranded and used a connector.

Yes William looking at it closer it is not big enough to be a conduit. As for a connector Why would they get that correct when everything else is wrong?



That is the ground wire. Nice huh?

Not much money in this area, so it is standed. :slight_smile:

Is this the first panel you have ever looked at? I would have hoped that even an inspector in training would recognize that that was not a conduit or had seen a ground exiting the panel.

Two pictures showing small knock out 05 is FP Canadian panel 06 is sq d Canadian Panel