Electrical wiring defect

Could be a knock out and it is hard to tell from the picture! Make shift conduit was a joke as if you would ever see that on a proper panel.

Could you explain what you think is wrong with the ground leaving the panel that way?

Nothing which is even funnier! LOL It can be drilled out also but at first glance I did not recognize it as being GEC. Most I find are stranded and very few are #4 solid.
One thing right with everything else wrong! Maybe.

I cannot believe someone finally found Clark Griswold’s home. LOL

I found out the reasoning for the MALE and FEMALE electric plugs in the photo. These are in the circuits that provide power to the heating systems. One wood boiler, one fuel oil boiler, and one electric boiler. In the event the power goes off they unplug above the box and plug into a cord from a Honda Generator. Clever, eh?

A CMI did not recognize a common electrical element like a ground? How sad especially considering how few things look like that connected to a panel.

I see grounds all the time and this was just a mess so I did not notice it as I was focusing on everything else in the second picture even Marcel pointed out a question. I don’t care who you are it is a very small picture not the real thing.Of course I know what a ground is.

For all you know I could have been looking at my G Notebook.

Picture had me going too!



Here too Marcel but the odd time I do see solid!

But this panel and the rest of the wiring in this 1901 building rebuilt over the years had bigger issues with the electrical than just the GEC. Last Week. :slight_smile:

Recommend the installation of a proper transfer switch by a licensed electrical contractor.

Agreed. Thanks.