Electrician is needed to short out this mess!!

The home was a double built in 1910.

I especially liked the tub drain right over the main boxes.

Neatness was not a priority with this setup.

What does the NEC say about low voltage transformers. There was an extension cord spliced at the transformer.

The knob & tube was spliced numerous times.

I would think an electrician could spend a week in this home and make a well earned income.



85206 Cleveland 042 (Small).jpg

85206 Cleveland 040 (Small).jpg

85206 Cleveland 039 (Small).jpg

85206 Cleveland 044 (Small).jpg

85206 Cleveland 038 (Small).jpg

You don’t have to be an electrician to Short out that mess.

lol…Well said Ben…lol…

Hey, at least it was easy to wire up,