Electrician made repairs

At a listing inspection I noted at “sub” panel that grounds/neutrals need to be separated at bus bar, with neutrals isolated from panel.

First photo is before, 2nd is after repairs.

LMAO…thats some funny stuff!

Your fault Chris…you’re the one that said they had to be seperated…;-).

Wow, the repair looks more unsafe then the original installation. :roll:

Title had me fooled…I thought the Electrician repaired the maid…:roll: :wink:


What would be the easiest way to salvage this mess?

The EGC’s can be spliced and pigtailed to the bus as long as the tail is the same size or larger than the largest conductor in the splice. Also the wirenut would need to be listed for the number of condcutors spliced together. So maybe you would need to combine all of the EGC’s into two or three groups. Otherwise a simple ground bus bolted to the enclosure could be installed for all of the EGC’s only. The neutrals need to be installed in a separate hole for each conductor in the neutral bus.

This is a case of redo and start all over again.:smiley:

So basically the easiest way is what should have been done the first time, which is install a ground bus bonded to panel for EGC’s. Like Kevin said start over.

Can’t believe someone went to all the trouble they did removing the EGC’s from the bus, twisting them, and then reconnecting them to the same bus with an individual wire.

Wow! so what’s with all the extra wire nut splices? I think who ever did this made it worse. Guess all you can do is report that is not done correctly, recommend rework/repair again, and hint that they should report this guy to the electrical board. I bet he was not a licensed electrican but a helper who works for a licensed electrican.

Wire nuts in 2nd photo is the result of removing triple taps at breakers in 1st photo.

Dammit Chris…I had Iced Tea squirting out my nostrils----:-&—:lol:

I need to save that picture…once in a lifetime-----------:stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmm … maybe installing a new ground/neutral bar would have been helpful … :roll: … and it looks like there are still double lug neutrals … :shock:

My thoughts also!