Electricians Gloves

Hi folks,
I’ve been enjoying your comments and humor since I joined in Sept. and learning alot. Very much appreciated.
I was a termite inspector/ sales up to June of this year.I enjoyed climbing up into attics and crawling around crawlspaces so much I decided to get into the home inspection business.
I’m looking for 600 volt rated gloves. I went to Home Depot and had no luck. Can someone give me a direction on reasonable priced gloves.

Bill Stilphen
A Naples Home Inspector

Thanks Dave. I’m from Weymouth,MA originally so I have an idea of some of the interesting inspections you must run across. I’m thinking of some of the 100 plus year old homes my friends lived in.


I’ve inspected in Weymouth quite a few times. Yea, I’ve seen hundreds of very interesting homes. I love inspecting the older homes as they can be very different at times. Give me any age home and I’ll have some very happy clients that are satisfied with my thoroughness and knowledge of older homes.

Hi Bill, I posted this in another thread yesterday, as I recently found this link and they seem to offer a good selection of gloves. Not sure where they ship from though or how costs compare…

Good luck,