electricians handle a bad bill

This is how electricianshandle a bad bill .
We as homeInspectors need to all stand together if we want to save our industry .


[FONT=Times New Roman]JoinUs for a Day of Action Wed November 30: Pull Schedule 17 out of Ontario Bill 70[/FONT]

November 28, 2016
November 28, 2016 IBEW CCO](http://ibewcco.org/author/ibew-cco/)
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TheLiberal Government is trying to ram through a set of amendments to OCOTAA (theOntario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act).
Called Schedule 17, is has beenattached to the current Ontario Bill 70](http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/bills/bills_detail.do?locale=en&BillID=4376), scheduled for ratificationby December 8, when the Ontario Legislature breaks for the Holiday season.
Theproposed changes give the Ministry of Labour and in particular the OntarioLabour Relations Board sweeping powers over the definitions of compulsorytrades and voluntary trades.
Thismeans workers who have no idea about the implications of their tasks will begiven potentially dangerous electrical work to do. When problems arise,bureaucrats with no direct work site experience will be making appeal decisionsabout which they are tragically uninformed.
Schedule17 will lead to lowering professional standards in electrical and other skilledtrades work and will absolutely jeopardize public safety.
[FONT=Times New Roman]Join UsWednesday November 30th at 9:30 AM[/FONT]

Toensure the Wynne government knows how serious this issue is, please join us onthe steps of the Ontario Legislature on**[FONT=“Arial”]9:30 AM Wednesday November 30, 2016**. Every voice matters and weneed everyone to help.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]Employersand Skilled Trades, and Families Welcome[/FONT]

Ifyou’re a skilled trade, an apprentice, a construction employer, an apprentice,a parent, or retired trade we want to see you there!
[FONT=Times New Roman]We Wantthe Removal of Schedule 17 from Bill 70[/FONT]

Electricalwork is dangerous, challenging and complex. It is a huge responsibility forwhich a worker must be trained.
This is not a union vs nonunion issue – it affects everyone.
Beon the steps of the Ontario Legislature on November 30th to show the Liberalgovernment that safety and standards matter.

Another example of why government bureaucrats should stay out of the inspection industry and let InterNACHI handle it. We know what we’re doing. They don’t.

News to me. I will read all about it.