Electricity taste good...

I wish those damn squirrels would find something else better to chew on besides those damn electrical cables…

This one is dead as a doorknob, but note that his teeth are still clenching the live cable…NICE.

“Click to Enlarge”

How fresh do you suppose it is? Might taste good between two slices of sandwich bread. You never know.

A lot long ago (collage) I would cook meat between two nails hooked to 110

It was faster than todays microwave and a lot less energy

Why does not someone make a china ver of my “nail cooker” and sell it at wallie world

Never thought it would be good for road kill and tree rats

Maybe even bass and cat fish


Richard… remember this ??? Worked really well. I still have mine somewhere:shock:


That is cool

I think it is time to build a new ver like sort of a George Forman grill with a micro processer with AC and DC - current limited - with different freakcan sees for different food

Might even work for soup and warming milk for a baby

Just a HV computer controled power supply for nails

Where can we buy the hot dog one? I need it

And to think this thread was started by a tree rat!!


You mean one of these:

Why…Ebay, of course…


Mark the Grill marks would be all wrong

Must be square or maybe x shaped


Personaly I’m gonna stick with the propane grill for that “just charred” taste :wink:



Probably “well done”


What about wood?

Maybe wet wood across 240 would give the taste

Tonight the fireplace is heating the house - no electric at all - must be against local code

Welcome to Frostproof


And if I forget -Happy St Pats Day - (also our wedding anv of 45 years) to all

If those damn squirrels would just simply get off the drugs and drinkin, they wouldn’t be biting on the overhead cables.