Electrocuted while cooking a pizza?

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They should be looking at the circuit it was plugged into.
A ground fault in an appliance should trip the O/C device and it is likely there should be a GFCI on that circuit too.

Man, is this one of those freak accidents or what. What a shame.

A micro wave oven can fail and kill - while hard to do but one can get the full high voltage power supply on the case. Depending on the Mfg this is around 5000 volts at 600 ma. That will hurt you real bad.

Like all electrical ckts one must have a complete one – something going in and something going out.

GFCI will not stop all shocks or deaths

I should not take long to find out how this death was caused. Lawyers are probably already working late on the lawsuits



Joe, if you follow this could you post the results here, would be interesting to see what they determine

Richard, if the high voltage did manage to contacte the case, where would the return path be? This is an isolated secondary and if it contacted the case you would just have a grounded 6kv supply, referenced to the other end of the supply, inside the unit. I doubt anyone would ever notice, unless it put lines on the TV or something.
I really believe this had to be a 120v fault, perhaps a chafed wire to a door interlock, combined with a bad/missing ground in the receptacle or a cut off ground pin on the cord cap.
The same thing could have happened with a table lamp. The “microwave” thing just makes it sound more mysterious and newsworthy.

Also if built in Microwave it would not have a GFCI on it anyway…so it would be a moot point on the GFCI part…now if counter top model might be another story.


The return path question is open – My point was the high voltage. The how one gets to be a complete ckt is hard to see even if it was a 120 volt fault

He had to be in contact with something else - sink etc


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this story comes from England, remember we use **240 volts at 50 htz **there.



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