Electronic Signature

I’m just starting out in the business. How do I go about getting set up to send pre Inspection agreements to my clients for an electronic signature?


Thanks Marc. What if I have a different agreement than the NACHI one?



Thanks Ian

You can edit Nachi’s agreement Or create your own. I have several for different types of inspections. And of course it’s free with your membership.

ISN for sure. You’ll be glad you did. Great Tool to run your business

ISN is the only way to go

You can create and/or edit there.

Thanks guys I appreciate the input

Another vote for ISN.

I have started using e-signature for past two months. InterNACHI’s system is customizable and easy to use. I like it and when I ask my clients, they like it too. Now what the e-signature looks like compared to pen to paper is quite comical.
I no longer am concerned if my clients printed the contract and then reviewed and then signed and then brought to inspection. Most have “signed” within one hour of email being sent to them with contract info.

I have a question. If you are running Home Guage for instance, do you need ISN? They seem to do the same things. I am just starting out and trying not to waste my resources or time. I am not running HG but from what I have seen, they do the same things. Thanks guys!

Edit, Maybe I should have asked do all report writing software work with the ISN platform?

I send a message so they should get two emails with the link