Elevated Specks in Window Sill

This picture is of some little black specks that are elevated off the window frame by little thick columns. From 1/32" to 1/8" off the frame. It is in a home that had serious termite history as well as mold issues. What are they?



Looks like anobiid beetles or powder post beetles depending on if it’s in hardwood or softwood.
Did you observe any fresh frass/power?

State Licensed Termite Contractor #2446

No frass piles but because they were salvaged windows and they just installed them in a house that was riddled with termite damage (so under a lot of construction). Note, these were not holes but almost like poppy seed looking things standing up on a stiff thread that was on the window sill, if that makes sense. I didnt see anything in my mold or WDO training like this.

Not sure, but could be form of “Slime Mold”, or more precisely Myxomycetes.


Cool Thanks Brad. That is pretty much what they look like. I appreciate your help.

Steve Anzelc

Myxomycetes I believe are typically only outdoor molds but looking at his property, he had a bunch of salvaged windows lined up along the outside fence, so it is possible that it got on it out there and he dragged it into the house.


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