EliteMGA Insurance in Florida

Does Anyone else in Florida have EliteMGA insurance, I received a letter that they are not renewing our insurance as they will not be insuring inspectors in Florida

I’m not in Florida but someone will be along to speak on that.

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I’m curious too. I signed up with them recently, but haven’t gotten any notice about quitting on Florida.:grimacing:

This was my 1st year with them and it sounds strange that they will not be insuring in Florida but if you have insurance with them I would check to be sure so that you Get quotes from a new company just in case. I had lockton the pass few year and only changed because Nachi had EliteMGA on the news letter so I tried them but I would not go back their claim intercept representatives are not that good, I use Joe ferry and he takes care of the issues on the spot and he works with Lockton

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I have Hanover through EliteMGA. Got the letter that they are not renewing my policy in Ohio. Did I hear that Nachi was bringing it in house?

Who else would you recommend?

Hanover opted out of EliteMGA coverage. Elite will still take care of you, just get into contact with them prior to expiration of your current Hanover policy.

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