Elusive Quadruple Tap..

I love my job. It’s like mushroom hunting in the spring.This panel had it all, double, triple and the quadruple tap.

And how many ground wires are allowed per lug?

Typically (2) of the same conductor size. The legend on the panel should denote this. However, only one grounded (neutral) conductor is ever permitted per termination. Most panels today will allow (2) 14’s or (2) 12’s CU and (2) 12’s AL EGC’s if applicable.

Really have to look at the legends these days and on older models I would not have a fit if it had (2) 14’s or (2) 12’s as long as it did not have (1) 14 and (1) 12 sharing a lug.

Paul! You took all the fun out of my question. I was trying to see if he was mistakenly assuming only one gec per lug, or if he actually checked the panel. Seemed he was awful proud of this finding to bother starting a thread about it on the forum. So I was just trying to see if Mr Confident was actually as smart as he thinks.