Email From Past Partner of The Annual Coat Delivery Program

Esther Vargas|Sat, Oct 16, 6:30 PM| to Maggie

Dear Maggie,

We hope this email finds you well. We wanted to share with you how well our students are doing, how we are slowly recovering from the pandemic, getting accustomed to school in person once again and reaching out to old friends.

I wanted to tell you that this weekend we held a coat swap and so many of the coats you sent us are in great condition and have new owners. New children are finding warmth inside of a coat you so lovingly picked out.

We know many businesses have struggled just like our families and just wanted to let you know that your efforts, your thoughtfulness, the time you spent shopping are still living out your mission in a new way.

We hope this email makes you smile,

Your friends at Charlton St. School