Email Problems (Help)

A couple of weeks ago, I fell asleep on the key board with my email open and when I woke up all that was there was;
There are no messages in your inbox.

I have not yet figured it out. The emails (50) of them had been open and just vanished. No where to be found.

When I get my mail, if I open it and then close my mail and come back, they are gone to a little corner in the sky.

Any one know of what is going on?

I use Outlook Express and on this antique machine of 2000 Professional.

Sad to be computer illiterate, but that is how it is.

Here are a few of the screen shots of my email options if it helps someone help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

Hope some can help with this.

Marcel :):smiley:


even if you deleted by accident they should be in your deleted items folder.

Thats why I use Gmail.

Outlook confuses the heck out of me.

Hi. Mike and thanks.

That is the problem; they do not go in the deleted folder unless I delete them myself.

Everytime I close or go looking for something in the deleted folder, and come back, whatever was open is gone.

Real pain in the butt. If I can say so.

Marcel :):smiley:

That goes for both of us Bob, and believe me, It don’t take much to confuse me when it comes to computers. ha. ha. ;):):smiley:

Marcel :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention, that if the mail is not open, it is still there, only open emails dissappear. Somewhere.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Either way Marcel yo should consider dumping outlook and using an online mail service like yahoo, msn, or gmail. It’s easy to set up.

Oh, and maybe it’s time to ask Santa for a new computer. :wink:

I wish i could help You Marcel i just spent all day trying to figure out how to post a picture…it’s tough when you find something You can’t hit with Your hammer…

I think you need to call Superman ,… err Dominic.

Did you figure it out?

Let me know.

There is a tutorial available.

It is easy once you do it.

Mike can You forward a link to that tutorial???

I haven’t posted it in a while.


You often need to resize photos as well.

Let me know what your operating systems is and I will post some for you.

Are these emails in your spam? If so, it may be your spam settings are set to delete immediately after you read your emails.

Ken, I get no spam due to all of the Verizon protection and this only started recently.
Plus I have no idea what a spam setting is.

Marcel :):smiley:

Another thought.

Verizon has a webmail account link.

Verizon Webmail sign in page

Somewhere in outlook (I’m not suer about express)you can tell outlook to leave the email on verizons server for a selected period of time. I leave mine on for two weeks after I lost a bunch in hard drive crash.

Outlook Express tutorials

Leaving email on server in Outlook Express

Hey Marcel,

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been traveling all over doing NACHI conferences this week.

Come to the HIP site and click on Live Chat on the top right and I’ll fix you up if possible.

Dominic, thanks again for the Help.

Guys, it took him less than 5 minutes.

Can’t thank you enough, you have saved me from the
One We must Obey. :mrgreen:;):):smiley:

Marcel, I would appreciate it if you leave us out of that. I have my hands full with mine…thank you very much. :smiley: