How do I change my email on here? I got a new email and I’d like to use it for all inspections related stuff. When I go to edit email and password, all it will let me do is change my password not my email.

Edit Your Profile” from the members-only landing page after signing in.

I went through all of that and it is still not going to the new email. I did that a week ago and I thought I’d just give it time, but your response went to my old email still. I just checked again and it is all filled out correctly.

control panel>edit details

Just did that again. All that does is let me change my password. Does not give me any option to change email as it says.

If this doesn’t work go to the members only dashboard and click on update your profile you can do it there.

Did it there. The email I want to use is in the correct spot and my old one is listed as secondary, but everything is going to the secondary one and nothing is going to the main.

Delete the secondary.

I’ll give that a try, will you please send some type of responce in a few minutes so I can check if it works, Please?

It should be set now. lets see.

I think it takes an hour or so before it changes according to the members only dashboard.

Alright, I’ll give it some time then. Thank you for all your help.