Emails improvements in ISN

A few things it would be nice to see changed…

  1. Some inspections go poorly with the client, others the client doesn’t buy and when they hire again they don’t need to receive two sets of emails if you are sending follow-up, review, and referral requests.

Right now I have to manually go into each order and then stop all future emails from sending in these cases. It would be nice to do that directly from the dashboard with one click. Even if the dashboard doesn’t work and it needs to be on the order page I’d just like to be able to turn off future emails on a specific order with one click.

  1. You can’t view the read receipt for an email event on a specific order on mobile.

  2. When you manually send an email template on a order, it just drops the info in the inspection notes rather than adding it to the email event list, so again the read receipts aren’t viewable.

  3. Email events only go out 6 years. 10 would be better. I send an annual, time to have your furnace serviced email that also asks for a referral

Maybe there aren’t many inspectors that use the email functionality but email marketing is incredibly effective so it would be nice to see these and a few other improvements.

Really, really agree about point 1.

It would be nice to have a “kill” switch so there is on click to prevent email follows up on particularly orders.