1: Canadian Home Inspectors.
This message board space for Canadian InterNACHI inspectors, and other home inspectors in Canada, is to discuss local home inspection topics that affect us all.

As an InterNACHI Canadian member, I am embarrassed by my recent personal conduct.
As an Canadian InterNACHI (CPI), I will try my very best to ignore any violators, as well as when I post abroad.

Again, please accept my humble apology.
Thank you.
Robert Young

2: To the Awards Committee.
Awards Committee founder, Nick Gromicko.
Current Awards Committee officer. Larry Kage, CMI.

Larry. Please accept my personal apology.

Founder, Committee members
I should know better.
I promise my misunderstanding on how to direct an email to the Awards Committee will not happen again, and I will email through the proper channels.

Under the Awards Committee By-Laws.
Section3. To review suggestions for; a. new awards, b1. develop criteria and b2 guidelines, and c. implementation.

Committee Founder, Nick Gromicko, Awards Committee Officers, and Awards Committee members.

The email, rightly or wrongly sent, to the committee Officer, and Founder, was an honest attempt to convey to a message on how to improve the bylaws.

I. 3. To review suggestions for new awards, develop criteria and guidelines, and implementation.
V. Recruiting New Member of the Committee.

The sent email doc was not to undermine, or undercut, how messages are sent to the Awards Committee.
It was an honest attempt to communicate with the Awards Committee.

I will reach out to a past Awards Committee member to see how this is done.

Again, please accept my apology.
Thank you.
Robert Young

Good luck Robert I wish you well… Roy

Robert, thank you for your apology for involving the Awards Committee in the spat that you and another member(s?) were having. It is accepted.

We all have spats now and again and the Awards Committee just wishes not to be dragged into the fray. We are all volunteers, some of us with 10 + years of service. We work hard to better our association as best as we can.

Again, thank you, and all InterNACHI members for that matter, for keeping the Awards Committee out of any spats.

Many people use the ignore function.

Larry Kage, CMI-retired
Awards Committee Officer

Mighty big of you Robert.
I will withdraw my petition, and see what happens in the future.

Good for you Robert.

I was not involved in the aforementioned dispute but I am involved as an awards committee member so I can say this:
The awards committee is populated with selfless volunteers who work towards raising the education level of the members at large while trying to have fun while doing their volunteer work. The reward for this is seeing Internachi members interested in going beyond the norm. No one is perfect and mistakes are made from time to time but the intent of the awards committee has never been to be anything other than a group promoting the membership.

Thank you