Embroidery Co.?

Can anyone recommend a company to embroider some shirts and caps for me? There are a TON of online stores but thought I would ask my fellow “NACHIMEN” incase someone has friends, family, or just somewhere with good rates they would like to recommend.

On that note…I am just starting my business in an area I’m not too familar withths. (I just moved here from out of state 6 months ago) I have concentrated my efforts on Realtors and Mortgage companies so far. I’m thinking about getting some nice caps to give away to home builders to get my foot in that side…any thoughts on how much business I can expect from Home builders vs Realtors and mortgage companies?

ProStar Inspections-Tahlequah, OK

Does it have to be embroidered? I have a Very good friend in SC that has a silk screen business. I’m not sure if they do embroidery but you might E-mail and find out. His name is Mike cook and the e-mail is mikeycook368@aol.com

Tell him Big jim told you about him and he probably will give you a discount.


My business here in WV is 1/2% builders (if that), and 99 1/2% realtors (real estate). I don’t know what your market is like, but I no longer spend a dime on the home builders. However, I do go out of my way to rotate donuts, bagels, and fruit trays in the real estate offices. If it’s any indication, they must really love their food :slight_smile:

Also, I think that NACHI has an embroiderer listed in the benefits page, who gives discounts. If you can’t find anything, the guy who does mine is Mike @ Designs Unlimited 304-788-9466. They also have a toll free #, but I don’t know it. They treat me awesome. Best rates and quality i’ve found.

I have yet to met a builder whow was encouraged by a home inspector that checks his work. Waste of money. Hats are good for your family and friends. Other than that they go no further. I have done pens but they get lost easily. My best show was 6 x 9 note pads with my letter head on them. Everyone uses them until they are gone. What banker, realtor, doesn’t need a notepad? I did some coffee cups at christmas with my name and number on them> some had bags of small coffee in them, others were full of chocolate. But again, the best bet was the notepads.

Business cards are everything, also. They should be one of your most expensive items. Many of your clients will never meet you, some wont even talk to you unless your card looks good.

Oh Yea, I did this also one year at Christmas. Got the knifes at GO PROMO, and the cups locally. Pens also GO PROMO. The magnet business cards were also Go PROMO.



check out these guys:

Also cintas, they have very low minimum orders. I bough a couple of jackets, shirts ,etc from the one time.

If you are a Sam’s Club member. Go to Samsclub.com. Under the business section they have a service. There is no set up fees. They will do custom logos, the only requirement is that you order 6 items. They do not have to be all the same items. My last order was 3 hats, 3 shirt.

Sam’s Club Embroidery
1102 S.E. 5th Street
Bentonville, AK 72716


Here you go Shannon: Free Set-up

If you’re in the market for embroidered company apparel…


Queensboro will set up first time customer logos for free up to 11,000

I just received my second order and am pleased with Queensboro’s quality
and service. (My trial order, I bought 5-6 shirts w/ shipping for about $110, second order was a little higher end…). So pleased, I became an affiliate and tried to get NACHI members to receive $25 off the first order (as opposed to a $25 affiliate credit for me), however it was a no-go.:mad: Prices are still unbeatable…

Whether you use my link or not…doesn’t matter. I like to reward good service and they earned it. Check them out. Your money goes a long way here.


I was hoping someone would post Queensboro…they are great.