Emergency Lighting (commercial)

Thank you Dale;

Very impressive description of Emergency lighting.


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He always has very good information, like the electricians here. (excluding me)…:smiley:

Just thought I would bring this subject up again to kind of update everyone on the Emergency Access lighting issue.

Had the punchlist on this Visitors Center this past Wenesday and the Electrical Engineer walked through and I pointed out to him all the emergency light buttons on pedestals in the attic. He said, oh! I remember that the Architect was pretty upset that these buttons were to be in the ceilings near the fixtures. He said, well, that’s what he wanted to do, is shove them up in the attic.

The Architect walked through and was happy with everything that he saw.

The State Electrical Inspector was notified for final Inspection last week and as of yet has not replied. It appears that he might not even show up. That is none to happen up hear.

AHJ only covers permitting and plumbing. No Electrical. Certificate of Occupancy will be issued based on all other Inspection reports by the designers.

Like this?? Only in Maine. ha. ha.

I guess the interpetation of the NEC on accessibility did not prevail on this one.

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Boy!, here in Florida you bet the electrical inspector would be there!!! Thats to bad that they dont up there. It would be interesting to see what he would say., Will Hellner

There are only three State Electrical Inspectors to cover the whole State of Maine.
Maine is the size of the rest of the New England States, go figure.

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Dale- YEP…Mike Holt is the “MACK DADDY” of NEC Consultants…I can only dream to know what they fella knows off the top of his head.

Marcel- GUess they are swamped and short handed…but you can guess if they did not inspect it and something ever does happen like a fire and the emergency systems have issues…lol…someone is taking a BITE…:slight_smile:

Yeah the test button should be accessible beside the fixture. Being working as an installer of emergency lightings in a company we usually used to set up motion sensor emergency lights in a building. Although I know that emergency lights are available in different types, features and size like we can see on emergencylight.com and other shops. However, the motion sensor lights are really the convenient one and there is no need to set up button anywhere, as it can turn on and off with the motion of people or any hazardous condition.

I hope a solution was reached 8 years ago and they weren’t waiting.