Emergency Maintenance on Agreement System, 1-2pm EST

Hi folks,

The agreement system will be down today from 1-2pm EST for some emergency maintenance. We’re restructuring the database to improve performance and speed. I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause - it will be right back up.


The agreement system is back up, and much faster! A search for agreements previously took up to 40 seconds, and now it takes 0.08 seconds. This should eliminate the Oops error some of you were seeing. Success!

Awesome, I was getting that oops all the time.
Thank you.


For those of you who are newer and want more information on InterNACHI’s free, online agreement system, go here: http://www.nachi.org/onlineagreement.htm

Thank you Tim!

Perhaps my most favorite (of many, many) benefits of being an InterNACHI member is this - and you just made it better??
Well Thanks, then!

Thank you, it has been working great this week and this explains why.