EMF inspection needed in Texas ASAP.

On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 9:32 AM, Octavio Escandon <octavioescandon@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I desperately need somebody to test my apartment for EMF
> My data
> Octavio Escandon
> 5757 Wooldridge Rd 50c
> Corpus Christi, TX, 78414-3855
> 281-702-0729
> Resume, 6 air conditioners next to my bedroom, when they work all together
> starting this summer I feel a wave of energy for some time, stiff legs and
> muscles, contractions or spasms on my stomach but recently after past storm,
> I received what I can best describe as swimming in a pool of electricity.
> Now I sense every appliance I get close to. I need info of somebody that can
> test my apartment for EMF
> Went to a hospital but just test blood pressure and count.
> Apartment management unwilling to help, I am very, very stressed, please
> help me


The only person I know that performs this type work on residential structures. He might travel to Corpus Christi with travel expenses.

The EMF sensor only costs $100 and can be used with any multi-meter. Don’t have one? If asked if you offer this service… say yes and go out and buy one. Not hard to perform. I used to allow my clients use my equipment to take their own EMF readings while I did the inspection. Kept them out of my hair.

How about a basic course???
A few months ago, I had a Dr. looking for testing of a patients home. I posted here, made calls to inspectors within 100 miles, google, etc… could not locate anyone that had any clue what to look for. I almost told him to call TAPS!

That would be good. I’ve had 3 request this year for EMF inspections.

OK, I’m ignorant. Electro-magnetic frequency? What are we checking and why? I’ve never had a call for it, but I’m always game to learn new stuff.


For your reading http://www.who.int/peh-emf/project/en/. To properly measure EMF and determine its source and effects is more than a simple $100 piece of test equipment. It’s not a difficult science to understand and test for. But there is not a very large customer base with issues in residential structures to handle the number of available people performing the testing. Within the commercial realm of the problems those property/business owners will turn to highly trained and credentialed specialists. Most commercial issues have significant dollar values riding on discovering the cause or disproving its existence.

I have found EMF to be a bit like mold. Partly: science, pseudo science, medical and sometimes a lot of psychology. I like to deal with known conditions like “you have a hole in your roof” and defer this stuff to others.


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), also referred to as electrohypersensitivity and electrical sensitivity (ES), is a set of claims of adverse medical symptoms purportedly caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields.[1] Although effects of electromagnetic fields on the body are established, self-described sufferers of electromagnetic hypersensitivity report responding to non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (or electromagnetic radiation) at intensities well below the limits permitted by international radiation safety standards. The majority of provocation trials to date have found that self-described sufferers of electromagnetic hypersensitivity are unable to distinguish between exposure to real and sham electromagnetic fields,[2][3] and it is not recognized as a medical condition by the medical or scientific communities.…Although individuals who report electromagnetic hypersensitivity believe that electromagnetic fields from common electrical devices trigger or exacerbate their symptoms, it has not been established that these fields play any role in the etiology of sensitivity symptoms.