Emissivity Values from Fluke

A list of Emissivity values provided by Fluke.

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Throw them in the trash!

Throw them in the trash!

Please be aware that these are, of necessity, descriptions of materials. In other words, reality may vary. This is a useful place to begin and to better understand what value a material may have.

Also be aware that when you correct for a material with a value below approximately 0.6, the results will be highly unreliable even if you use the proper correction value. This is true for any IR camera.

As an example, take the change out of your pocket, heat it up to about 200F and try to match the temperatures, especially from several different angles, using the emissivity values. It is almost impossible as are measurements of any unpainted metal.

Fortunately most building materials have a high enough value that you can accurately measure temperatures and can do so even if your correction is not perfect. Watch out for windows, however, as they are right on the edge of trouble!

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Exactly, what value a material may have…a potential starting point…theoretically.