Emmanuel Scanlan you are.....

One the greatest guys I have gotten to know in this business. I thought I would share this on the forum because of how much negativity is on here constantly.

I reached out to Emmanuel for some advice and critiquing of my business. He took a few days of his time to really look into everything I’m doing. I wont be sharing his emails on here but what he did for me was almost crazy. He really did dissect about every aspect of my business and gave great suggestions. I don’t know of many people that would have been willing to take the amount of time he did.
So… Thank you Emmanuel Scanlan you are exactly what this industry needs!!!:slight_smile:

I agree. He is a great person. Too many on this MB judge him for his ‘direct’ style of posting. That is their loss, as he has significant knowledge to share with those in true need.

Manny is a good man who understands our industry and the world around us.
God Bless Manny and God Bless President Trump.


Emmanuel is a great colleague. He knows his stuff. He dissects liberals on here for free too.

**Good job go Manny! ** :smiley:

That’s funny Chuck :). I agree, Manny’s one of the good guys for sure.

I agree. Manny’s a real asset to this forum and it is a pleasure to associate with him. :slight_smile:

Manny, is not only an asset to the industry, I consider him a good friend.


Sheesh! I had to run and stick my head in a bucket of QuickSet cement before it started to swell! :grin:


You’re welcome for any help I’m able to provide! Just keep doing a great job (thorough inspections and detailed reports) and move forward. That’s exactly what will get your clients and good RE Agents to respond favorably!

Nice job Manny! There are others here too, some of which prefer to remain anonymous with their help. Thanks to all helpers!

i’ll photo document when you arrive tomorrow

everyone needs a Mani-pedi as a referral/associate source when in a jam, none are infallible regardless of self-opinion

very humbled & blessed to call him a personal Friend, he may have another opinion of me

Good to see you still kickin around. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Yep, all is good. I still lurk in the b/g occasionally to see if any brouhahas are brewing on the message board. Seems pretty tame these days compared to a couple of years ago. That’s a good thing I suppose.

Manny is one of the good guys, for sure.