I wanted to post pertaining to an EMonitor. I was interested for my own home, and this would also be a potential product for energy auditors. What do you think? Worth the investment?

This was on ASK THIS OLD HOUSE episode #807. There is a short video to watch, seems easy to install.



I think as cheap as electricity is, it would take a long time for it find $700 worth of wasted energy to pay for itself. In my house it would also likely result in a divorce and teenage revolt, when attempting to change bad habits with the information.

Mark, I here you on the cost and that is funny about your family.

But it seems like a neat product and a nice way to monitor the system.

I can see me now shuting down my sons computer or the wee from my laptop. Sorry dear the dryer can only run for 30 minutes.

Yes, a divorce court appearance could be in the future.

Here is another meter that costs about $200.