Emotional Home Owners

I inspected a home the other day where the elderly gentleman living it had built the house and had raised his family in it. He followed me around and said “That’s not part of the inspection” for everything I looked at. I had originally spoken to him before the inspection to explain what I look for but the emotional attachment he had for the home was too much for him. I eventually sent the Realtor to talk to him in the back room while I finished. He even argued when I found an obvious plumbing leak, claiming that I was lying about it. It makes it difficult to go through a home with a monkey on your back. :twisted:

If he is not your client, I find it best to simply do the inspection without comment. :slight_smile:

The Realtor actually went to him to talk about the plumbing leak. I asked her not to but she did it anyway as a peacemaking attempt. It backfired.

Does not sound emotional to me, much worse case, too bad we all will be old some day.
The agent should have known to tell him “all houses will have some inspection issues, we have to wait for the report to see what it says”. Discussing problems with people who do not want to believe them are a waste of time.

All sellers that were home when I inspect are real nice and not a problem.
I did a prelisting inspection once and the lady cried when I told her about some issues.
The tears were related to the memories and moving process I think because they said they were not going to fix anything anyway.

I will not permit a seller to shadow me during an inspection. Yes it is their house and if they insist, I tell them that I am cancelling the inspection due to their interference. If an agent is present, I’ll give them a heads-up that they need to keep the seller away from me if they want me to continue.

I find it impossible to maintain full concentration with a seller hovering over me commenting, or debating with me. I won’t allow them to cause me to perform an inferior inspection for the client. I’ve had the discussion with sellers and their agents on a number of occasions.

I have only had to walk once and that was a seller who confronted me in the driveway to inform me exactly how I was to inspect his house and threatened to sue me before I even started the inspection. I cancelled and he lost the sale, which I’m sure didn’t aid him in his divorce case. I felt bad for the wife who pulled up as I was leaving (the listing agent called her to tell her he was ruining the sale) and pleaded with me to come back and do the inspection. Unfortunately once he threatened to sue, there was no way I was going back.

Be polite but firm.

Wow, Chuck! That’s quite the story. I think I would have walked away too. Good thing he threatened to sue BEFORE the Inspection. Hate to see a lawsuit afterward. I feel bad for the wife. I guess sometimes there are innocent casualties.

I had this happen recently. Seller was right up my arse, making comments every time I took a picture. Then, in the basement, I asked him where are the laundry drains going because their not going into the main sewer line. “Er, UH, I guess they go through that pipe” I found said pipe discharging all the grey water for the house onto the neighbors property, he had covered the pipe with leaves and brush, this all in an attempt to save an aging septic system.

Needless to say my buyer walked.

I don’t mind the sellers bird dogging me as they usually hang themselves like this one did.

I did one last summer and the home owner was older “hillbilly” lady that lived in the house for 30 yrs. House was full of BAD handy man work. Each time I find something she yells to her son to come fix it “right now” so I dont put it in my report. He got shocked twice changing a GFCI… what a night mare. see the attached picture… gas hot water heater flue and upside down light… yes she argued both. I advised the home owner to not ask for anything, just get her out and then fix things. she was impossible. I left a $30 flashlight behind by accident and never went back for it. :slight_smile:

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I agree.