EMP inspections in regulated states?

Can anybody tell me what they think about “EMP” inspections? My state is regulated for home inspections with its own set of standards (that probably match ASHI and NACHI). but on a few websites I see inspectors advertising “EMP” inspections for a cheaper price. How can someone get away with advertising an inspection that is below the state standard for a home inspection?

There is even one site where they advertise their price for a “home inspection” but they charge $40 extra for the “crawl space” even though the crawl space is included in our state standards unless there is something unsafe or limited access.

Likely because they are advertising a specific
Type of inspection versus a full home inspection.

A home inspector can set their own rates. Homes on a crawl or basement, older homes etc. take longer to inspect.

A home inspector may also charge less for condo’s, apartments etc.


In Indiana licensees are not restricted from excluding a system or component from the inspection as long as the client is aware(via the contract) and that it is in the report why the system or component was excluded.

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Many when advertising will put in what I call Buzz words (Or Letters) that really don’t mean diddly past what any one else is doing but impresses the heck out of Some People that are not informed. “EMP” is a buzz phase that actually means (only part) of Standard Home Inspection…I mean come on what (standard) Home inspection does not include Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing?? (crap if I was the average home buyer and it was marketed (without any other explanation) that I was getting an EMP inspection…I would be pretty bummed if I found out later my house was not protected from Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapons…

Now to the point of charging more for Crawlspaces?? I Do! simply because 98% of the homes where I am are either slab on grade or basement (my base price figures no crawlspace, which is the norm)… Heck, a crawlspace can take just as long as if it were additional sq. ft.>>> usually much more time crawling 1,000 than walking that same square footage. You are also most likely going to be reporting more items simply because a slab will not allow you to “see” the defects you can find under a home.

I charge more for pools also, even if they are getting a pool company to do an inspection also, simply because you can not complete the “E” inspection without checking the pool electrical panel as it is part of the Home’s System. and I also charge more based on age and mileage which all calculate to more time and more work.

I’m glad I’m in a State that does not put limitations on my business and the services I can choose to perform.