Ems testing

Does anyone know of anyone that test for ems in Oklahoma? I have a customer has requested our local electricity provider for testing but wants an independent opinion. She doesn’t trust them. She had mercury poisoning which makes her more susceptible to the effects of ems from what she’s telling me.

Looks like trouble to me . I would let her do her own looking for information .

What is EMS?

I think they mean EMF

emf from power lines .


Re: Ems testing

                      Looks like trouble to me . I would let her do her own looking for information .

Electro magnetic spectrum


EMR Safety In-house

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Electro-magneticradiation can’t be seen or smelled or touched so most people don’t think much about it. Butan increasing number of people are becoming affected by the ever-increasinglevels that we are being exposed to on a daily basis.The types ofelectromagnetic radiation that can pervade a homeschool, or commercial buildingfrom withinare myriad, and are detailed in the paragraphs below. Ill healthrelated to electromagnetic sensitivity is on the increase for society as awhole, on a global scale, and include allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,neurological disorders (such as autism), auto immune system diseases,cancers, and Alzheimer’s Disease.
There are many sources of man-made andnaturally occurring electro-magnetic radiation that we are commonly exposed to.Following is a summary:
AC ELECTRIC FIELDS - Sources: AC voltage inelectrical installations, cables, appliances, outlets, walls, floors, beds,high-tension and other power lines …
AC MAGNETIC FIELDS - Sources: AC current inelectrical installations, cables, appliances, transformers, motors, overheadand ground cables, power lines, railways …
RADIOFREQUENCY RADIATION - Sources: cellphone technology, RF transmitters, broadcast, trunked radio systems,line-of-sight systems, radar, military, cordless phones …
DC ELECTRIC FIELDS - Sources: syntheticcarpeting, drapes and textiles, vinyl wallpaper, varnishes, laminates, stuffedtoy animals, TV or computer screens …
DC MAGNETIC FIELDS - Sources: steelcomponents in beds, mattresses, furniture, appliances, building materials; DCcurrent in street cars, photovoltaic systems …
RADIOACTIVITY - Sources: building materials,stones, tiles, slags, waste products, devices, antiques, ventilation,terrestrial radiation, location, environment …
GEOLOGICAL DISTURBANCES - Sources: currentsand radioactivity in the earth; local disturbances caused by faults, fractures,underground water courses …
SOUND & VIBRATION - Sources: trafficnoise, air traffic, train traffic, industry, buildings, devices, machines,motors, transformers, sound bridges …
Public concern and questions about EMFexposure have increased as a result of media coverage of research, studies andlitigation. Long before the “officials and experts” and the public becameaware, certain individuals who were environmentally sensitive to EMFs knewthere was a problem. A basic tenet of The Precautionary Principle directs us tolearn from the experiences of the environmentally sensitive, both from theperspective of discovering the actions needed to help them and to direct us tothe preventive actions for those seeking to stay healthy.
Some Simple Cost-free Things You Can Do

  1. forward your cellphone to your landlinewhen you get home and then power off your cellphone;
  2. use corded phones, and unplug yourcordless phones (from power sources) when not in use, particularly beforebedtime;
  3. turn off your wireless internet router(WiFi) when not in use, particularly before bedtime - and better yet hardwireyour router via ethernet cable to your computer(s) and disable your modem’sWiFi signal;