End of an Era

reported from Espn. Brett Favre set to retire. Asad, sad day here in Packerland. I may have to cancel my inspection for this afternoon to cry and cuddle with my dog.

I am a big Packer Fan. I will miss him. Reports are that Ted Thompson chased him away. Ted better hope Aaron Rodgers works out.

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(I wonder what I have started Oh Well)

Wow. I got a reddie for wrong area. I must have been misled by the title of this section.

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The Falcons should have kept him. He was a good one!

Think he would play for the Bears? We could use him, one of the Best QB in a long time.

You guys gonna have to rely on Rex again?

Ian I like Orton better and he may win the starting job.
Damn ,who we Bears fans gonna love to hate now.
He was always fun to watch.
He had a good year while the Bears were sucking and at least gave me an NFC team to root for.
At least we got to keep Brad Biggs