Endless Possibilities: A Personal Performance Training Tool For Inspectors

There is no limit to define “endless possibilities”. You can define it according to where you are at this point in your life. It is this very quality that makes this phrase a great personal performance training tool – the existence of unlimited potential in our being.

Performance training focus on how far we’ve gone to reach a certain goal using all knowledge and skills acquired in the process. We all want to be the best that we can be and we’ve probably employed several tools to help us do things better whether at work or at play. One blatant obstacle to our path to success however, is our own concept of how success looks like e.g. earning a good income, owning a dream house, having a great life partner, being famous etc. Little do we know that these very concepts are the very blocks that prevent us from performing at our peak!

How does this success picture become a block? It becomes one when it is the only picture of success we have. Worst it could even be the source of frustration and depression when after several years of trying hard, this picture never comes to fruition.

In reality, success comes in endless forms. You may not know it but you are actually successful wherever you are right now and no I am not pulling your leg. Take awhile to pause and watch this video that hubber Ripplemaker and I made to help people develop the ability to perform in endless possibilities mode. After which you may proceed to read important points that show how this seemingly simple exercise can help you recognize the success that exist in your current life. Behold endless possibilities as your personal performance training tool.

There are four givens in the Dubbing exercise:

  • no planning allowed in the game
  • no restrictions on scenes depicted
  • exaggerated acting required
  • enjoy the whole process

How are these givens relevant in our daily life?**

  • no matter the kind of planning we do, something unplanned always comes up
  • anything can happen when we make certain decisions, it is beyond our control
  • we need to learn to go beyond what we think we can do
  • enjoying the process of growing and learning is a life attitude worth developing

Now let’s assign the Audio performer as that which depicts the Circumstances in our life and the Visual performer as the Person representing us.

First Phase: Circumstances Taking Control of Us

Most often than not we always find ourselves blaming circumstances beyond our control as the culprit for our failures. “We didn’t have a choice” we say, forgetting that it was actually our decision to allow the circumstances to lead us.

At first glance we may think this is a bad scenario. Imagine being controlled by circumstances in your life! What an unfortunate condition. Yet, viewing it from the perspective of endless possibilities, this situation may not be all that bad.
Functioning in the mode of endless possibilities allows us to see the benefits of being caught in conditions beyond our control. It can be a good place to develop skills and abilities on areas which we have not even recognized as yet. Pause awhile and check on your life. When was the time you felt you were swayed by events in your life? What did it allow you to learn?

Second Phase: Us Taking Control of Circumstance

There are many of us who may be reluctant to take control of our life. We may prefer to be the follower instead. When given the opportunity we may hesitate because we do not believe we have enough skills and knowledge to create a good life. We often feel that whenever we take the lead it is sure to fail. We avoid trying to control the situation because we feel it’s a useless effort. Endless possibilities provide a loving environment to encourage you to take the lead and create a better life for yourself and those around you.

Endless possibilities are not restricted by standards. They are not bounded by expectations. They do not label an act as good or bad — they are simply acts. They honor and respect what is and responds to it without judgment. They develop our sense of worth because they allow room for trial and error. They widen our point of view and give us the opportunity to direct our efforts to the more salient points in achieving our goals. Endless possibilities bring us to endless opportunities.
Third Phase: The Art of Living with Endless Possibilities**

The best way to approach life is keeping things in balance. If we learn to initiate action and respond to action without pre-judgment then endless possibilities will abound followed by endless opportunities. “Endless possibilities” is a personal performance training tool unlike any other.

As a young “trying hard” stage director, I used to be a tyrant. I often demanded that actors performed the way I wanted them to do so from the facial expression to hand gestures to the way their lines were delivered. If they did otherwise I would be angry and shouted instructions to do the scene over again. I wanted to be in control after all, my name and reputation was on the line. I only changed my ways when I applied principles of theater games, like the Dubbing exercise, in the way I handled actors. It was then I saw the value of allowing actors to do their own interpretation of scenes. They contributed much to the uniqueness of the final outcome of the play.

The whole process taught me to value the respective talents of people. I learned to appreciate where they were in their journey to become better performers. I learned to support instead of criticize. I learned to empower rather than overpower. I learned the art of motivating with inspiration and ceased motivating with fear. My performance as a director improved and so did my ability to train people. Moreover, endless possibilities continue to make my performance in life one endless abundant blessing.

I mentioned earlier that you are a success. Behold, you are alive reading this sentence. You took control of how you want to go through life by deciding to stop and read this article. You gave yourself the chance to get what you can from this hub. You are now recognizing the value of endless possibilities. You are now entertaining thoughts of applying it in your life. All indications show you have the attitude of a successful being even though you may not have accepted that truth yet.

About Author:
Daisy Rowley is assistant inspector of schools and trainer that also likes to write academic papers for DoMy Writing company and dedicates time being a post-grad professor and an PhD compliance consultant.