Energy Audit Insurance

Does anyone have a recommendation on insurance for energy audits? If you have it are you allowed to share the policy with your home inspections or are your forced to have a separate policy?

The used house salesmen in your state have already bought themselves a law and now own energy auditors.

Looks like all the new homes for sale will have inflated energy efficiency ratings to go along with the soft inspection reports.

Yes, As of July 1st auditors have to be licensed under the same law as home inspectors. It will be two separate licenses. There were home auditors and home inspectors that both pushed for it. Since the state doesn’t have a training in place for it auditors will have to be both BPI and Resnet certified. The salespersons aren’t even aware of it. I’ve taken the tests so now I’m shopping for insurance. So do you have info on insurance?

We offer it as a built in coverage to our E&O policy for home inspection. For those who are looing only for the energy audit coverage, we have a seperate application/rate structure. Email me at for more information.