Energy Audit Round Table Update

Many of you have been waiting on the Energy Audit Round Table to form.
Kevin Richardson was going to take the lead on guiding the meetings,
but has now said he is too busy with other matters to deal with this.

Therefore, we need someone to step up and take the lead on this.
Who wants to take on this job?

I can provide the webinar meeting room at no charge and can keep
everyone updated via email. I also own the domain names that can be
used by energy auditors who would like to create a directory for this
type of service.

I can offer the domains for use under the following URL…

Nick Gromicko has stated he would be willing to help, if we get some
ideas going to help promote energy auditors. He wants the group
to take the lead and he will help where he is able.

I am offering my assistance for no charge. If someone comes up with
a better idea, then I am happy to follow.

We need someone to take the lead on this “Round Table” idea and
help guide our meetings. I will help facilitate this effort, but do not
feel it is my place to lead it.

Does anyone want to draft someone for the job and we can all get
behind them to make this thing move forward.

Has anyone thought of a social energy auditor network? I thought that interacting with energy auditors by asking each other questions and sharing tips and ideas would benefit both myself and others who are either performing energy audits or considering them. I have started such a site to get energy auditors together. Although I am in the early stages of set-up, I have been impressed with the many features it offers. There are public areas and private invitiation only areas available to interact with each other. This site lets you customize your profile to receive notifications of postings via email when posts are made to different areas. I can manage this network but I do not have enough experience to lead in the discussions. I am still waiting on equipment.
I know that this is not necessarily a “sit down and talk” as what is being discussed for the Round Table, but this could be the next best thing if no one wants to take on the role as leader. All could contribute and chime in with comments and concerns.
Since, video and audio files can be posted on this network site, we can still have the webinar, record it then post it in the private area so that members could listen they miss the webinar.
If you think this might be something you are interested in, view energyauditingnetwork.comand let me know if you have any questions on how we can make this network accommodating to energy audit discussions.

This is also a very good resource for information.